Bio Info

  • Birth Date 24/12/1999
  • Birth Place Bangalore
  • Gender Female
  • Height 5.6
  • Weight 40kg
  • Makes Offer Gotish. BJ. GL
  • Nationality Indian
  • Work Location Chennai
  • Knows Language Kanada, Hindi, English
  • Skin Tone Fair

I am Shreya. I am 23 years old, and I am from Bangalore city. I travel to Chennai very often. My favorite part of Chennai is the people and food. I am very passionate about good food, good alcohol, and, of course, good sex. Why sex? Because it is the only reason I am working with the Chennai escort agency & this is the only place I feel safe working around. I am an independent service-providing escort, and I am very, very lubricious & fascinated by sex. I am not a daily service provider. Only occasionally & mostly when I am goatish, I prefer hooking up with people I meet throughout Chennai escort agency. Hence, people associated with Chennai escort agency are very professional in doing. It makes me feel safe here.

My fantasies are very romantic, and it is as simple as introducing myself to you in a lovely cafe over a coffee. I love to get neck kisses. Of course not in the coffee store, probably in your beautiful bedroom. When you arouse my exhilaration romantically, which increases my libido, gosh, you should see me moaning on the bed when you touch my belly. Hey,…? I was giving my bio. & I got off track. Why don’t we meet and take this endorsing power to libidinal journey towards the extraordinary? Call me now so we can continue the story over our first coffee.

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