Bio Info

  • Birth Date 21/08/1999
  • Birth Place U.P.
  • Gender Female
  • Height 5.7
  • Weight 50kg
  • Makes Offer BJ. COD. RIM. SPN. LTS. CW
  • Nationality Indian
  • Work Location Chennai
  • Knows Language Hindi, English
  • Skin Tone Brownish Fair

Kavya is my name. I am 23 years old & I am From U.P. My story is not too long, but my list of fantasies is not too short. I love having sex with someone with a pretty good height because I have almost 5.7. During my free courses of work, I anticipate sexual relationships.

Chennai escort agency is ultimately an organic platform, and that's the one more reason I am connected here. I desire good lovemaking every daybreak, and I enjoy going all the way' after two glasses of good whisky or wine. Of course, when an amiable person is around. It is not very hard to get in touch with the individuals like us, but getting a secure, suitable, and trustworthy counterpart is very complex. Nowadays, assistance over the internet is nothing but a thoroughgoing fraud.

My fantasies are bathroom BJ, CODDLING, RIMMYG, SPOONING, LOTUS POSITION, COWGIRL, HAPPY SCISSORS, QUEENING. AND many more, there's only one way to find out. CALL ME NOW! Take this voyage toward the enchanting level full of fantasies.

When do we meet? Hold my hair gently and bend me in front of the mirror. Look me in the eye through the mirror's reflection as you take me into another dimension with your magnificent performance.

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