Bio Info

  • Birth Date 7/12/1995
  • Birth Place Moscow
  • Gender Female
  • Height 5.6
  • Weight 48kg
  • Makes Offer BJ. RIM. WL
  • Nationality Russian
  • Work Location Chennai
  • Knows Language English
  • Skin Tone Extreme Fair

Hello, My name is Natalia, and I am from Moscow. My age is 28 & I have been living in Chennai for last one month. Oh my god, Chennai is an actual tropical city. Ha. Ha. Ha... I cherish going to beaches, and maybe because this place has exquisite beaches, I live here anyway. Let me tell you something, I was on the beach with someone, and I went into the moment for a second while it shocked a lady seeing me in the bikini. It was not funny, but what can I say? Whenever I go to the swimming pool, beaches or jacuzzi, I go crazy because I love water so much. Because I get turned on by wetness and the scent of two beautiful lips touching each other's lips with the makeover of red lipstick and hot red bikini while you are naked, haha hahaha... I am very passionate about sex. ferociously naughty.

I can assure you we both will have so much fun over our meeting, and I can bet it won't be the last one. I am also hilarious, not only sex, but have you ever set into the restaurant and thought gossiped about how you and I can screw up someone? The restaurant probably won't be correct, but we can surely give it a shot in some exclusive club and pick up a girl together.

Gosh, it could be so much frolicking... If you want to have a sexually attractive and hilarious companion who can accompany you to a club or party, CALL ME NOW!!!

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