Bio Info

  • Birth Date 27/06/1994
  • Birth Place Ukraine
  • Gender Female
  • Height 5.7
  • Weight 50kg
  • Makes Offer BJ. WS. GF-experiance
  • Nationality Eastern Europe
  • Work Location Chennai
  • Knows Language English
  • Skin Tone Extreme Fair

I am Fiona. I am 28 years old & I am from Central Asia. A background dancer in the Bollywood industry, I came to India two years before. My fantasy in sex is when someone surprisingly kisses me. Let me tell you, metaphorically when you and I are entering your room, you gently pull me towards yourself suddenly and kiss my lips. When that moment freezes for the distinct moment, it aroused my sexual intimacy. I am so passionate about everything I do during sex. 'When I do and with whom I do.' I enjoy sex, but I prefer to live for the moment.

My desires are the only reason for my sexual gladness. My life is full of color's and meeting new people doing kinky stuff can keen anyone. Don't you agree? It should be full of pleasure like complete give and take "not this and that" just 100% participation of both the person.When you dive into the ocean of lovemaking, you could not have any other second thought in your mind. And that is called sex for me. I will be grateful to have this kind of time with you. CALL ME NOW!!! If you like me as well.

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